• The Dadson Family

    The Dadson Family

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  • Dadson’s Signature Service

    Dadson’s Signature Service

    Our care and attention to detail ensures that tenants retain a high level of satisfaction and comfort!

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  • Happy Tenants

    Happy Tenants

    We know that laundry time contributes significantly to your tenants’ quality of life factor. Lets us show you how we can keep everyone happy, without breaking the bank!

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  • Clean and Simple Designs

    Clean and Simple Designs

    With decades of expertise, we know how to bring out the true potential of any laundry area. With our keen eye and experienced technicians, we can turn your laundry facility into a pleasant experience for your tenants.

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  • Innovative Technology

    Innovative Technology

    Dadson strives to bring the latest technologies to our clients. Text Dadson and the machine number to 95495 and a service request will be immediately generated. Whats in store for tomorrow?

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Join the family that cares about yours!

Dadson Washer Service is a family owned and operated business. Founded in 1962, Dadson provides coin-operated laundry equipment for all multi-family apartment units. This includes apartment buildings, mobile home parks, condominiums, hotels, convalescent homes, universities and military bases. No building is too big or too small. Each account is personally managed by a representative to ensure all your needs are fulfilled.

Our Clients

E.N. 09 /30 /12

As a tenant living in the building , that is using this company equipment, I just moved in, was surprised how good and clean our washing machines are! It is very difficult when washers and dryers are bad. We do not have these issues. Wanted to let them know how appreciative I am.

M.K 10 /14 /12

Great company! We live in the building, our management company is leasing laundery equipment from. Machines always work and they just replaced the old ones.

Y.R. 12 /16 /12

We bought a very high quality washing machine from this company, and were surprised with the personal care they provide.

T.U. 01 /07/13

We do not like to go to public places to do our laundry. We leased a good washing machine, and dryer from Dadson Service. They are in great working condition, very clean. They told us if we have any problems, they will exchange for new ones, or fix them. Good customer service is rare now days.

R.K. 02 /06 /13

We had a positive experience with this company. The service man comes always at a very convenient time and takes care of small issues. Highly recommend this place.

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